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DecalPRO Complete "Starter" kit
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Two packs (20 sheets) 8-1/2" x 11" letter-size specially coated paper. More info..


B&W and COLOR samples to start learning the sytem right out of the box More info...

3M "2080" TAPE:

Specialty low-tack tape, 1" wide x 36 yards long. More info...


Included in the kit is a master set of all 19 foils... a "Whitman's Sapler" pack if you will of all foils: 8" wide x 36" long each. More info...


Novel alcohol-based "KK-2000" spray adhesive. An absolute most to make the system work perfectly. More info...


Special fiberglass board prevents foils from wrinkling, and...unique 1/2mil mylar "Carrier" holds the graphic prior to transfer. More info...

WHAT'S NOT IN THE KIT, but absolutely MUST have...

Please note that the "DecalPRO kit" does not include a couple of very important items you must have before you can start making dry transfer graphics and text. These items are not included because many of our customers may already have . Here's what you will need in addition to the "kit"...

LaminatorAbout the laminator...

There are only a few "pouch laminators" that work with our process because of a wide ranging number of inferior designs that are out there. Our "DecalPro" process is a bit particular for a laminator that will deliver high roller pressure, high heat and driven no faster than a certain transport speed. The ideal unit that we highly recommend is this unit pictured here, the APACHE "AL13P".

This unit is exceptionally well made featuring all steel and aluminum construction. Its weight alone is worth it's price in raw metal! It has features that are normally only seen on pouch- laminators costing hundreds of dollars yet this unit is under $80!

It has a very heavy-duty and reversable motor (most unusual), a 4-roller design, adjustable temperature (up to an amazing 379ºF) and most importantly of all, low cost. The only thing it lacks is an overheat protection system so PLEASE read over the safety precautions when using the is unit that is part of a simple 10 minute modification that must be made to this unit to be usable for our DecalPRO process.

Because of its low cost, we can't stock it, so you must obtain it through HERE.

NOTE: Please read this page for IMPORTANT INFO & INSTRUCTIONS for both the APACHE & ASC-365 units!

A special note to our international Customers...

CANADA: There is another unit very similar to the "Apache AL13P" that is available directly in Canada called the "ASC-365" laminator. This will save you a lot of money avoiding high shipping (it's heavy) and import costs. See ASC's website HERE for more information on ordering this unit direct in Canada. The only difference we can see is that the digital display has been changed to an analog meter. Other than that, we don't believe there are any other mechanical differences inside as the dimentions of both units are identical! (We're pretty sure it's made by the same Chinese company.)

EUROPE: Our current undestanding is that the European version of the GBC "H-65" and the "H-220" models, wired for 220 volts can still be obtained but under the IBICO brand name (not "GBC" as in the States). Both of these models work great and if you can find one, the H-65 is the preferred unit to get as there are no modifcations necessary. The H-220 does need a few simple changes to be made shown HERE.


We do not sell this item since it's locally available at any hardware store. We recommend the inexpensive Milwauke brand normally found in your larger Home Depot/Lowe's type stores.

Dual heat, hot air guns (also referred to as "Paint 'n Strip Guns") are available at any hardware store. The lowest priced unit we've seen is the Wagner brand "Milwaukee" unit model #1220, dual heat, 1200watt unit unit. This item is necessary since a conventional "hair dryer" does not get hot enough for the job it must do. Prices range from about $25 at better hardware stores.


Rubbing Alcohol: Available at any drug or hardware store
Water Tray: Must be as large or larger than the largest graphic you will be making
Paper Towel
X-Acto knife• & a straight-edge ruler
Paper cutter