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Make your own REAL carrier-free, pressure sensitive, rub down dry transfers in full color, pure white or any of 12 true metallic foil shades in only 5~8 minutes with just your laser printer or a photo-copier using the "DecalPRO" system.

For the first time in history, the "end user" can make their own REAL dry-transfers of text, graphics or any combination there of in less than 10 minutes ... and they are actually better in many respects than commercially made ones. Let us prove this to you. You'll be absolutly sold on the very simple process. On the next menu button down, we've got some video clips to show you exactly how it's done, but before we get to that, continue on down the page for some more important points about DecalPRO...

You've never had such power at your fingertips!

Imagine being able to take your artwork, logo or any graphic off the web for that matter and perform 4 simple steps that will convert the image into a pressure-sensitive, rub-down decal, ready for application to your project, all in a matter of a few minutes... for under a $1!

For graphic artists and commercial model builders! Quit sending your artwork out paying exorbitant fees (up to $100 per letter-size sheet) for custom "dry transfers"! Do it yourself in minutes and save a bundle, plus be able to do multi-color transfers! Our new "DecalPro" process is the wave of the future for instant "dry transfer" decals!

stands alone in the market place and can't be confused with other companies who sell "do it yourself" decal papers. We have perfected techniques that enable you to create pressure sensitive, rub down, dry transfer decals without leaving any residue or permanent carriers... and without wasting any time!

Short of sending your design out to be custom made into sheets of dry tra nsfer images (like above shown sheets), DecalPro is the only method on the market for professional results in just minutes.

Have images ready to apply on YOUR schedule!

  • No more waiting for out-sourced transfers
  • No more expensive commercial transfers
  • No more missed prototype 'deadlines'
  • No more "ALPS" printer headaches
  • Image resolution up to 1,200dpi
Complete DecalPRO® kit:
Note that there are two pieces of "hardware" you will need in addition to the kit.
  • LaminatorSpecial Laminator
  • Hot Air Gun

About the laminator... Not just any laminator will work with our process. We must have one that gives high roller pressure along with adequate heat and both of these parameters must fall within a specific minimum time-frame of material passing through the unit. Keeping price in mind, it really comes down to just one unit within the USA which is shown here... the "Apach" AL13P and is available exclusively through for about $80 HERE. See more information about this unit under the main "MENU" ... "Components" button.

And A Special Note To Our International Customers:

CANADA: There is another unit VERY similar to the "Apache AL13P" that is available directly in Canada. This will save you a lot of money avoiding high shipping (it's heavy) and import costs. See ASC's website HERE for more information on ordering this unit direct. The only difference we can see is that the digital display has been changed to an analog meter. Other than that, we don't believe there are any other mechanical differences.

EUROPE: Our current undestanding is that the European version of the GBC "H-65" and the "H-220" models, wired for 220v, can still be obtained but under the IBICO brand name (not "GBC"). Both of these models work great and if you can find one, the H-65 is the way to go as there are no modifcations necessary. The H-220 does need a few simple changes to be made shown here.

About the heat gun... The only other item you will need is a conventional "hot air gun" (heat gun, Paint 'n Strip gun, etc) available at any good hardware store. We don't include this in the kit because most customers already have one and who needs two? The best bang-for-the-buck is the Wagner brand, "Milwaukee" model 1200. There is no need to spend more for a bigger "brand" name.

Our 'bottom line' to you is our Money-Back Guarantee:
"If you don't love it... we want it back"

Your purchase is never at risk. We are so confident that you will love this product, if at any time during the first month of use you don't absolutely fall in love our DecalPRO system, return the kit and we'll refund your entire purchase price even if you've used the supplies).

If you do experience any problems using the kit, we want you to call us. Our tech support will get you out of any problem you are having; guaranteed... or your money back.

If you have any questions now, please pickup the phone (or email us if you prefer) as to what's on your mind making you hesitant about purchasing this system. We pledge to you to be extremely helpful to you before and after the sale... (unlike a lot of companies that fail miserably). And one last thing, you'll always talk with the boss and developer of the system.




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